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  • BSc Environmental Science - University of Plymouth

  • Internship at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (studying the impacts of climate change on certain flora)

  • PGCE (Post-Graduate Teacher Training) - University of Southampton

  • 5+ years experience in education (teaching young children, university students & adults)


  • 11 years experience in the world of prescribed Benzodiazepine harm and the medical healthcare systems around England and France

  • Artist and musician (BBC Introducing musician)

At present, my priority is to secure the necessary budget for the film. Once I have achieved this funding milestone, I will be hiring skilled and passionate team members to join us on this exciting journey. Stay tuned for further updates as we move forward with this project.

The upcoming team expansion will include the following key positions:

  1. Co-producer: An experienced documentary filmmaker to help navigate production from start to finish.

  2. Director of Photography: To capture the visual essence of our film.

  3. Sound Engineer: For impeccable audio quality and sound design.

  4. Production Team (cameramen & women): To create and manage the visual world of the film.

  5. Film Editor: For crafting the story through skilled editing.

  6. Production Assistant: To help with the day-to-day running of production.

  7. Music Arranger: To enhance the film's emotional depth with a compelling score.

  8. Social Media Manager: To strategically promote our film and manage public relations.

  9. Community Manager (PT-FT): To liaise with those affected by this through our social media channels (NB: this may be a hybrid role with our Social Media Manager role).

  10. Lead Science Analyst: To oversee the research and presentation of the core statistics and facts underpinning the film.

Outsourced positions:

  1. Legal representative

  2. Accountant

  3. Business Manager

  4. Graphic designer

  5. Animator

  6. Mentors & Advisors

  7. Researchers

Each of these roles is crucial to the success of our film, and I look forward to working with talented individuals who share our vision and passion.

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