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When a young teacher and musician faces a near-fatal ordeal with a prescribed anti-anxiety medication, she embarks on a fight for global health justice, and her life back; documenting the international journey through her songwriting in this David & Goliath story of epic resilience and community power.


TOXSICK follows the vibrant young teacher and musician Emma Hames, as her life transforms into a tortuous battle for survival after being severely harmed by a prescription medicine (a Benzodiazepine). Emma documents her solo ascent back to life, uncovering a global silent epidemic hiding in plain sight.

Emma’s life disintegrates in Montpellier: she loses her career, freedom, and friends due to Lexomil, a Benzodiazepine - a medication doctors told her was safe, and that she needed - before finding out years later this was untrue. Despite a brain injury that remains unprovable in medical tests, Emma’s evidence is captured in video form, documenting her harrowing journey.

TOXSICK dives deep into trauma and the drive to emerge from darkness. Other victims around the world, isolated and desperate, type into the void of online forums, searching for answers and hope. In a climactic moment, Emma and her friends from 'The Benzo Community' gather for the first time at the TOXSICK music festival in the South of France. This event aims to catalyse a life-saving movement, proving that to be heard, you have to make a noise.


Emma Hames - Director of TOXSICK

My journey into the heart of 'TOXSICK' began not in a studio or on a film set, but in the quieter, more personal spaces of life's unexpected challenges. It was my personal battle with the alarming effects of a widely prescribed medication that ignited this film and mission. Through combining analysis, creativity and impactful human stories, my aim is to not just inform, but to initiate a global conversation on patient safety and healthcare accountability. This film is a call to action, inviting viewers worldwide to join a movement towards a more informed and empathetic approach to medicine. 

The film is also a beacon of hope to the millions taking / recovering from a prescription benzodiazepine, and the hundreds of millions struggling with trauma and adversity. 

Never has it been more important for humans to come together for our collective wellness, and that of our planet.

Every conversation sparked, every story shared, adds to the collective push for change. If you feel moved by our mission, consider supporting our efforts here

My Benzo Story

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