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What is 'TOXSICK' about?

'TOXSICK' is a documentary exploring the harmful effects of a specific prescription medicine on individuals and the environment, highlighting systemic issues in healthcare. It is also a film of hope; a human story of overcoming adversity and a narrative infused with creativity.

Is 'TOXSICK' anti-Pharma?

Simply put, no. We recognise that pharmaceuticals can and do save lives. Emma, the producer of 'TOXSICK,' was also prescribed medication to help heal her lung capacity, which saved her life. We fully appreciate the responsibility we have to deliver this content in a way that safely shares awareness and helps instigate conversations where they're needed most, particularly in regards to mental health treatment and care. The film does explore how prescribed Benzodiazepines can be harmful, sometimes doing more harm than good. The film will be produced with journalistic objectivity.

Who is behind 'TOXSICK'?

The documentary is led by Emma Hames, an independent filmmaker passionate about social and healthcare issues, with first-hand experience of Benzodiazepine injury spanning over a decade across two countries.

How can I support or get involved with 'TOXSICK'?

You can support us through donations, sharing our message, or providing any relevant expertise or resources. You can email us at

What makes 'TOXSICK' different from other documentaries on healthcare?

'TOXSICK' uniquely combines scientific analysis, empathetic storytelling and creativity to present a comprehensive view of the issue, aiming to provoke thought and action, packaged within a creative visual direction like no other.

When and where can I watch 'TOXSICK'?

The film will go into production in 2024 and aims to be released in Q1 of 2025. The release date and viewing platforms will be announced on our website and social media channels. Stay tuned for updates.

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